Credstone is a group of professional individuals. Our goal is to help in complex IT projects, supplementing experienced staff shortages and bridging Know-How gaps to our customers. We are (still) a young but experienced team of curious and witty engineers, accustomed to work in an agile manner, reaching world-wide projects and collaborating with international project teams. Distance and time differences are no obstacle. We value the trust put in us and in return, we provide reliability and professionalism.


We are software developers, but our skills go beyond that. We are just as experienced in project management, technical leadership or business requirements analysis.


We are young but have already been working in the IT business for over 10 years. All these years, we have helped out with large IT projects and handled the BIG DATA.

Team Values

We are like a family. Each of us different, but we trust one another and we always welcome new people that share our values and want to grow with us.

for hire

Credstone - Software Developers for hire

Team work is a key!

We may work on different projects or at different locations, but we are a team and are always ready to help each other out. We like brainstorming when stuck with some difficult issues what frequently results in coming up with completely new approaches. There is no better way to solve problems, than to put them on the table and crack those 'hard nuts' togheter :)

Credstone - Software Developers for hire

We provide our software development skills to customers world-wide. Our focus is on big projects, related mostly to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is our prime area of expertise. However, we are open to new challenges, as we want to grow and learn continuously.

Credstone - Software Developers for hire

That’s how we work

Credstone - Software Developers for hire

Smallworld GIS

We have been working with this platform for over 10 years. All this time and effort put in has made us quite the experts. We pride oursevles to be one of the most experienced groups of people in the market in this regard.

Web clients

We were hired to help in developing several web applications, bringing lots of cutting edge functionalities that process and handle big geographical and infrastructural data.


We have provided comprehensive services to our customers. Being experienced in many different projects that comprised many different technologies, we are able to handle any task at hand.

GIS solutions
for GE Energy

We have very strong relationship with GE Energy - our biggest business partner and leading provider of GIS solutions world-wide. We helped them with numerous projects for multiple customers, such as main energy providers or telecommunication operators from Europe and beyond. Our strong relationship is based on trust, strong engineering skills and flexibility that allows them to shift development power between projects that require it the most.

Credstone - Software Developers for hire

Join our team!

Credstone - Software Developers for hire

Are you interested in working with us? We cannot wait to see your resume! Click the button below and attach files, that might interest us.

Credstone - Software Developers for hire

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We are looking forward to hearing from you or seeing you, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. Let’s have a cup of coffee and see what bussiness opportunities we can approach together.

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